Friday, October 19, 2007

Simple Counter-evangelism 101: Open-source methods

Ok I had a few requests on youtube to post a link to the text form of the "Simple Counter-evangelism 101" series of videos that I have made.

You see, it's a a document that contains all the tips and tricks that I have made concerning WOTM's tactics and against evangelism in general.

So I have compiled it as a PDF. Now there is a fun thing that occurs with this document. Here is where you can download it.

It's Creative Commons. Meaning? You can feel free to redistribute it and moreover ADD TO IT.

You see, as time goes by, evangelists change their tactics, or some other atheists have their own methods that are efficient as well. Those should be added to the document. I can't think of everything and while I do have plenty of experience in dealing with fundementalists, I am not alone out there.

So why not add to their experience and methods to the mix, and therefore STRENGHTEN the counter-evangelism effort? So, I have layed out a basic framework in the document, and you can all build on it.

In other words, I removed the "blank page problem". You don't have to fear the blank page, there is no blank page. So bring in your tips and tricks, bring in your ideas on how to make it better and redistribute it.

Soon enough, this simple pdf can grow into a book that brings in all the tools, tactics, and information to activists on what to expect, and what to do about it.

The truth isn't pretty, now add to the ugly!!


Kelly Gorski said...

Well done. I may add to this over the weekend and maybe bounce some ideas off of you. said...

I really expected something INTERESTING out of that...
and all I got was this:
- Ignore evangelists
- Answer questions with questions

That's it?!
Really. I think I'll read something more interesting now. Like... the Bible! :D

Good day!

Former Follier said...

You're right about one thing: The bible is interesting.

MorseCode said...

I'll go one further and say that the Bible is incredible.

As in, the opposite of credible.

Sorry, I know that's a cheap dig, but I couldn't resist.


I'd rather read a Discworld novel than the buy-bull. And I am glad that a christian responded to this. When they say "all you ask if for people to ignore evangelists or answer questions with questions", it's because it's truly annoying them.

BoxerShorts said...

One-on-one evangelism is usually easy enough to counter, but here's something to think about: How might one go about disrupting an open-air preaching session? They feed on hecklers -- it's part of their game plan. So ignoring them seems like the best strategy, but then they may successfully infect people with the mind-virus known as Christianity. There's gotta be a way to short-circuit their efforts without playing into their hands.


Those are things that are in current developement in W01Ftech labs.

there are already white noise generators. They can't feed on that at all. I am creating some white noise mp3's that can be broadcasted over a bullhorn or even a PA system as a means to drown out the insanity.


djallfiredup said...

I thought it odd, "Pagan Wolf" that your taking on the name of "Pagan". According to wiki - Paganism (from Latin paganus, meaning "an old country dweller, rustic") is a term which, from a Western perspective, has come to connote a broad set of spiritual or cultic practices or beliefs of any folk religion, and of historical and contemporary polytheistic religions in particular.

Yet you are claiming to be atheist. Paganism and atheism are opposite beliefs, not similar. Unless of course, atheism is indeed a religion?

So which are you? one who doesn't believe in deity or one who does, of your own making? said...

I have a question.
What if some of the people at an open-air event actually want to listen to a Christian preacher? Would you still drown them out, or work on "Atheism Conversion 101" with them?


1) The name "Pagan Wolf" was given to me by a preacher in my early heckling years. I recently am dropping the "Pagan" to just be reffered to As "W01F" as to stop the confusion.

2) Who the heck wants to listen to those nuts? Nine times out of ten, they are unwanted and create grief for law enforcement by disturbing the peace. Drowing them out with white noise, is actually a service.

BoxerShorts said...

I would submit that people who want to listen to Christian preaching can go to a church or other appropriate venue of such things. To force it upon people who are simply going about their lives and have no interest in such buffoonery is obnoxious and borders on harrassment. I'm not yet sold on a specific method of dealing with open-air preachers, but I do agree with my lupine associate that doing so would indeed be a public service.

Jay said...

you might want to post this on scribd.

henwli said...

The problem is in the masses of people who are willing to eat up any old nonsense someone throws their way, as long as it's enticing or scary enough. That and the form of no-brainery called biblical literalism that keeps the preachers going.

Personally, I find little of value in wolf's booklet. Maybe it's just me coming from a magical faraway land where penguins use bonnets as slides and it's more likely to get mugged by a polar bear asking you for herring than run into a street preacher.

My tactic when facing a preacher would be to ask him to go to dinner, and try to get them to stop their shouting ASAP. Is they feel that they're being attacked, it only fuels their attempts.

Andrew said...

Thankyou for this wonderful guide at how to avoid polite conversation from well-meaning citizens. Who needs to be friendly?