Saturday, October 6, 2007

Creationism as pseudo-history.

Over the course of the past few years, we have noticed that creationism has been pushed as pseudo-science, but few people consider it's danger as pseudo-history.

You see history of any kind defines a people, gives them an origin. It is the study of the past, focused on human activity and leading up to the present day. More precisely, history is the continuous, systematic narrative and research of past events as relating to the human race.

For people like the creationist, people who have history and more importantly links to a past in which Christianity wasn't in charge, is rather inconvenient, as it raises many questions about the past and the true origins of man.

According to scientists, our humble beginnings as homo sapien, started around 200,000 BP in the Paleolithic era. According to the creationist who believes that the earth is only 6,000 years old, it's claim denies the history of thousands of cultures that came and went, for example, England's beaker people, or even the migrations of the First People from Asia to the new world.

It denies the Greeks and Roman empire, the Aztec, the Incas, the Indu culture and Chinese cultures. It denies many people their history and what shaped them as a race, a creed right down to the individual.

You really want to stop someone in their tracks, you deny them their identity as a Human being. And that starts back in denying them their cultural identity. Why do you think dying cultures on this planet fight tooth and nail to preserve their roots?

It shapes them, it defines them, and makes them who they are. History takes a great part in it.

And so, for the Evangelical movement, known for their aggressive proselytizing, part of their success is by denying the identity of a person and slowly attempting to replace it with the Evangelical Christian world-view.

And Creationism, is a nice way to do it. Only acknowledge the judeo-christian pantheon and "history". Bring the "Scientific" evidence, in a Orwellian Ingsoc fashion, rewriting history when needed or denying past transgressions in the course of history (crusades anyone?) as "True Christians do not do that" (another convenient form of historical revisionism).

Such revisions are meant to make it seem that they are indeed "Good people", while encouraging the evangelical double-think, loving thy neighbor while hating their differences, claiming the truth all the while they lie consistently in order to maintain the existence of a myth, and claiming to serve a prince of peace, while getting in conflict with right about anyone who's not one of their own.

The truth isn't pretty, I will show you the ugly.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Culture jamming.

Alot of people ask me why I take WOTM's videos and corrupt them or change the meaning of them.

Well that term's got a name, it's called culture jamming.

Culture jamming is the act of transforming mass media to produce commentary about itself, using the original medium's communication method

Usually it's aimed at multi-national corporations. I modified it to aim it at cash-cow ministries like WOTM. You see, it's my way of countering their propraganda. It's not that complicated. Half the time, the preachers of these cash-cow ministries say things that anyone could manipulate in the most hilarious fashion or more importantly, can be very telling of the actual nature of the ministry being spoofed.

Just manipulating their bits, and re-arranging them and reposting them on-line, I create the means to counter their message by using their own methods against them. This saves alot of time in productivity and you can end up with a vast array of footage that can be used.

This can be applied to all their propraganda, from their booklets, tracts and videos. It's all fair in a culture war, where they try to ensnare your free mind, with their traps and deceptions.

The truth isn't pretty, I'll show you the ugly!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And then there were five...

I would like to take the opportunity to announce my joining of For those who are youtubers, I am "that guy with the masks and the creepy voice" (at the very least, if your name is Todd Friel).

For many months, I have been opposing WOTM and been quite verbal on how they are merely con-artists who sell their pseudo-science as fact.

I am glad that I found some like minded people to exchange ideas on how to counter Ray Comfort's cash cow, which is really only but diminishing the collective human IQ by several notches.

And so, I will contribute to this project to the best of my ability, and have a blast monkey-wrenching their attempt at controlling the populace.

The truth isn't pretty, and I contribute to showing the ugly.


Our Roster is Complete!

The WOTM Watchdog team would like to welcome our newest and final addition, THE PAGAN WOLF. TPW is our Canadian counterpart and has been actively criticizing WOTM methodology and doctrine on his own for quite some time. He is also a veteran freethought activist.

Some of you may already be familiar with TPW; he is a well-known video director on YouTube, has been discussed numerous times on WOTM Radio and has written many counter-evangelism documents focusing on techniques favored and employed by Todd, Ray and Kirk.

The team here at WOTM Watchdog is excited about the prospects of having such a seasoned counter-evangelist on board and have much in store for our faithful readers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BoxerShorts: "We watch Way of the Master so you don't have to."

Monday, October 1, 2007

Homer Gots Nothin'

The guys at Way of the Master love false analogies. In fact, they use them so often and with such voracity that it is incredibly easy to peg WOTM Radio listeners simply by the way they talk. I have had the opportunity to stumble across many such individuals in recent weeks.

Today, I'm going to give you a sneak peak at the flawed logic in one of Todd's awful analogies by letting you eavesdrop on a conversation I had recently in a Christian Hip-Hop chat room. See if you can spot it. (The names of the Christian theist and the chat room have been changed to protect their anonymity.)

Christian Hip-Hop Radio Community -- Sept. 26

Real: Do you believe Homer wrote the Odessey[sic]?

Former Follier: I don't care whether or not Homer even existed. Using your world-view, I am not in danger of his damning my "eternal soul" to hell. I am indifferent to the existence of Homer. I have never read his supposed works nor do I maintain a stance on his existence.

Real: Okay do you have any books that you read???

Former Follier: Of course, I do. The bible.

Real: LOL... So you read the Bible??? For what?

Former Follier: Because it's a good read. Aren't you going to ask me if the authors of the bible existed, Real? That's what you were stacking me for, right?

For anyone who finds themselves unfamiliar with WOTM Radio and the tactics they use to try to back unbelievers into a corner, the preceding dialog may not hold much relevance. Let me try to make things just a bit clearer.

Todd is often confronted not only about the authenticity of the bible but the divinity of the bible. As a response, he devised a brilliant analogy comparing the canon of the bible against another antiquated text, Homer's The Odyssey, by showing how many more original copies and partials there are of the bible than any of Homer's works. If you are unable to see the false dichotomy I urge you take another look.

I accept the bible as an authentic historical text but that in no way imbues it with supernatural powers; it simply means that it is a book and that it is old. At this point I must concede that Todd is right; the bible is a much more authentic work of fiction than The Odyssey.