Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Special #1: Todd Friel Explains Natural Selection

Are there questions left unanswered in your life? Don't fret, for fabtastic Mr. Funky Friel is in the house on Sundays to address any and all reader questions! To kick things off I asked him what he thought was natural selection's role in the biological world, and as a reply was sent this clarifying mp3! If you suspect this to be a jocular misrepresentation of what Todd believes or how he expresses his opinions, feel free to visit and search for episodes with the words “monkey” or “evolution” in their description! Thanks, Todd, dude! Listen now!

Todd Discusses Natural Selection!

If you have a question for Todd about something, send it to me, I'll forward it to him, honestly. I'm sure he'll be more than glad to answer more questions!


BoxerShorts said...

You are awesome, dude. WOTM Watchdog now has a theme song.

Chris H said...

As someone from the other side (Christian), I love this. I'd love to hear more; I've heard that others have been made. But you should make them "Funky Friel Fridays" instead of on Sundays. ;-)

henwli said...

He has troubles forming coherent sentences, but when addressing, for example, evolution, he gets totally irate and resorts to repeating the same idea a dozen times, louder and louder. Is he scared that he might actually be a monkey?

Does this type of behavior make a message appear more true? It's a tactic much used in the Bible and from behind a pulpit. Keep hammering it in and don't leave any time for original thought and, bam, it's true!

Morse said... I'm an atheist...and I really dislike Todd Friel...but that was hilarious!

I've expressed enjoyment about something Todd Friel has done...oh dear, this can't be good.

Henwli, how about if you ask if Todd would sit down and talk with an evolutionary biologist? I have a feeling the answer would be no, but it's worth a shot.

What might be harder would be getting an evolutionary biologist to go on WOTM.

Former Follier said...


Thank you for the comment. Believe it or not, that audio clip was produced by our very own Henwli! It may find itself the first installment in a series of humorous audio clips.

We are always welcome to new contributors here at WOTM Watchdog. Should you decide that you have something potentially valuable to offer, feel free to contact any of the existing authors. Thanks for the comment!

Morse said...

Ah. Silly me. I should have known that Todd couldn't have produced anything that amusing. Good job!

As far as contributing, I just might. I only just started my own blog, "The Atheist's Morse Code" *shamelessplug*, so if I feel the need to write on anything WOTM related I'll let you know.

henwli said...

Pairing Todd up with someone who actually knows something about the real world doesn't really help. I can't even theoretically fathom that you could shake his silly beliefs about anything with a crowbar to the head.

When approaching people like Todd, I lean towards agreeing with Richard Dawkins (I do consider some of his accounts overtly acerbic); debates are, in the end, futile and actually just lend credence to the distorted view of science the creationist side represents. Here's an interesting article with some relevance to the issue :

I can only hope that there are still people with enough wits to see that the Friels out there are not exactly the best people to use as role models.